Your German Import Car’s Air Conditioning Needs To Be Checked As Part Of Its Regular Maintenance Schedule

  • By Adam Kushner
  • 21 Jul, 2015
When it’s summer here in the deep south, the heat is on. It also means your car’s air conditioner is getting quite the workout. Many of us take this critical component for granted; that is, until it stops working. The saying “don’t sweat the small stuff” doesn’t apply to the concept of vehicle AC reapair & maintenance. If you fail to figuratively “sweat” that seemingly small task, you will find yourself sweating in the most literal fashion. Read on to learn more about why air conditioning system inspection in European cars is so important.

In a Nutshell: Here’s Why Air Conditioning Maintenance in Your Import Car is So Important

In Southwest Georgia, the average high temperature tops 90 degrees by August. That’s serious heat. In milder climates, AC maintenance isn’t quite as critical as it is here. That heat isn’t just uncomfortable, it accelerates the breakdown of vehicle components.

What a Service Provider Might Discover When Checking Your Vehicle’s AC

If you drive your car often, you may be immune to subtle changes. But a pro will quickly be able to determine if your AC has a problem. Your service expert will check Freon levels. Freon leaks are among the most common system problems. If your system is cooling, but not fully, your compressor or clutch may be compromised or a hose may be leaking. Your car’s  air conditioning needs to be checked as part of its regular maintenance in order to be well aware of any problems.

Other Noteworthy AC Tips

Besides making sure to have your vehicle’s AC checked by a qualified service technician (who specializes in the type of vehicle you drive), give your hard-working AC a break by taking steps to increase cooling efficiency. In the heat of summer, it’s a hard worker. Lighten its load by lowering your car windows to allow heat to escape before you turn on your air conditioner. Once the pent up heat has dissipated, turn it on (low to begin with), set the dial to the recirculate option (your system will work less when it’s cooling interior air rather than outside hot air), and position your vents at face level (because heat rises and cool air falls).

If you haven’t had your vehicle’s AC system assessed in the past few months, contact us at German Import Service. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment can detect even the slowest Freon leaks. Make the smart move and schedule your air-conditioning maintenance appointment today. We are German auto specialists; trust your German import car’s air conditioning service  to us.

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By Adam Kushner 16 Nov, 2015

Benefits of Properly Maintaining Your Vehicle

Making an appointment for preventative maintenance on your European caris like making an appointment with your doctor for an annual checkup. When you visit your doctor, he checks your blood pressure, adjusts your medications, orders bloodwork and performs other tests to make sure you’re healthy. When you take your car in for preventive maintenance, you’re investing in your car’s long-term performance. The cost of keeping up with your preventive maintenance schedule is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of repairing systems that fail because a vehicle wasn’t properly maintained.

During a preventive maintenance service, scheduled maintenance that is essential for keeping your vehicle running smoothly is reviewed and recommended. If you ignore these maintenance visits, you’re missing out on critical opportunities for your service provider to spot potential “red flags” in your car’s fundamental systems. For example, he may notice that a belt or hose is showing signs of wear, or that your battery is nearing the end of its life span. By spotting inevitable problems, you’ll be able to prevent those problems rather than finding out about them only after you are left stranded on the side of the road.

What Does a Maintenance Visit Consist Of?

Here are some common services included in the preventive maintenance schedule on an import car .

  • Oil and oil filter change. While changing the oil and filter on an import car costs more than it does on a domestic car, imports can be driven thousands more miles than domestics between recommended oil and filter changes.
  • Coolant and antifreeze service.Different coolants and antifreeze have different lifespans. As part of a preventive maintenance visit, a tech will check to see if a flush is needed to remove debris.
  • Air filter change.One AAA study concluded that dirty air filters topped the list of overlooked preventive maintenance issues. A dirty air filter compromises cabin air quality and the performance of your cooling system.
  • Power steering, transmission, and brake fluid evaluation.Many vehicle manufacturers list no recommended service interval for these items, but a good service technician will check fluid levels and quality as part of a preventive maintenance visit.
  • Tire evaluation.As tread wears down, tires become more prone to flats, leaks and handling problems.
  • Wiper blade evaluation.When your blades create streaks as they cross your windows, it’s time to replace them.

Have a German Car? Trust a German Car Specialist

If you value your import, you should never overlook preventive maintenance or underestimate the benefits of having that maintenance performed by a provider familiar with your specific car. European vehicles are significantly different than American or Japanese vehicles. We’re called German Import Service for a reason. We specialize in German imports!

By Adam Kushner 21 Jul, 2015

Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority at Every European Car Service Visit  

Consider that an auto-repair shop’s role is to keep your import European car “healthy”.  Healthy in much the same way a doctor’s role is to keep you healthy.  For this reason it’s critical to choose your automotive service provider carefully.  We're here to help with a few things you should consider about European Car Repair.

Your Fine European Car Needs A Specialty European Car Service Center

Most people who have children trust their children’s medical care to a pediatrician, those suffering from severe allergies consult an allergist and people with skin concerns usually head to a dermatologist. What does Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, BMW, Mini and Land Rover have in common? They are high-end European imports. Therefore, it does not make sense to trust their service to a shop that works primarily on Toyota, Ford, Jeep and Chrysler. There is a definite need for these specialized repair shops, but not when it comes to servicing European Vehicles. For the best care, your European car should be serviced by a specialty European car mechanic.

What You Should Know About European Auto Repair

Despite what you may think, European vehicle repair performed by a reputable repair shop can be quite affordable. Unlike general automotive shops, those specializing in European vehicles have specialized knowledge, tools and diagnostic equipment. We have developed streamlined processes and procedures that enable us to service and repair your car with the utmost quality and attention to detail, and in the quickest possible turnaround time. You could head to the dealership for your vehicle’s service needs. But why would you? You can get the same skilled service at our facility, and enjoy superior customer service at less of an expense and inconvenience.

Why Trust Us With Your Prized Vehicle?

We know you have choices when it comes to who you’ll trust with your car-care needs. We also know that trust is earned with each and every interaction we have with our customers. Our goal is for you to drive away from our business feeling great about your experience and having no doubts about recommending us to your friends and family who drive European vehicles. How do we accomplish this? We’re never too busy to listen to your concerns, answer your questions and explain in detail the reasons why we recommend various repairs or services.   Our goal is integrity and complete transparency so we earn your trust and continued patronage.

Next time your fine European car needs service, maintenance or repair, contact us  at German Import Service in Thomasville. We can help you develop a service schedule to keep your import car running smoothly. Not only do we have the tools, diagnostic equipment and expertise to take care of your vehicle, but we have the sincere desire to wow you with impeccable customer service. Our goal is to make sure you have no reason to look any further than our shop for your vehicle service needs.

By Adam Kushner 21 Jul, 2015
When it’s summer here in the deep south, the heat is on. It also means your car’s air conditioner is getting quite the workout. Many of us take this critical component for granted; that is, until it stops working. The saying “don’t sweat the small stuff” doesn’t apply to the concept of vehicle AC reapair & maintenance. If you fail to figuratively “sweat” that seemingly small task, you will find yourself sweating in the most literal fashion. Read on to learn more about why air conditioning system inspection in European cars is so important.
By Adam Kushner 27 Jan, 2014
In 1982, Paul Taber set out to take the headache out of car repair in Thomasville, Georgia for his friends and family. Out of his love for automobiles and dedication to excellence, German Import Service was born. Taber sought and obtained the prestigious title of Bosch Service Center for his auto repair facility, German Import Service. This allowed his vision and focus on providing his customers with “service for life” to reach and benefit even more people as part of the best network of independent car care centers in the world.
By Adam Kushner 17 Dec, 2013

On Monday, December 9, 2013, Paul Taber, President of German Import Service, donated a Bosch Master Tech Pro to the Southwest Georgia Technical College ( SWGTC ) Automotive Technology Program.

“I have been a big fan of this program since I started my business in 1982. So, when I noticed that the program needed this particular item, I thought this is a way I can help! I donated it in the interest of higher education. I know this will be something that will truly help the students prepare for their career and introduce them to equipment they would use once in the field,” commented Taber.

By Adam Kushner 06 Jul, 2013

At German Import Services we pride ourselves in having a dealership level of automotive repair training and technology. This is how we offer you a truly unique alternative to a franchised dealership for your car’s repair and service needs. We specialize in European Vehicles and have the same level of technology, communication and training for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI Cooper, Land Rover & Volvo brands.

We pride ourselves on our fantastic car service warranty, our friendly customer service and our personalized approach to maintaining your vehicle. At German Import Services we align ourselves with the Bosch Services Network. We offer 0% financing through Bosch Credit on car services and car repairs. You can apply on our website online, or in person.

By Adam Kushner 27 Jun, 2013

If you are from Georgia or Florida and looking for a Drop tail trailer to transport your motorcycle to the upcoming motor show in Daytona Bike week or for some other reason, then German import Service is the place for you! Drop Tail Trailers has an exclusive patented trailer technology, together with other pioneering products, all built with the maximum excellence of manufacturing and craftsmanship for tension free performance and handiness. If you are looking for vendors in Florida or Georgia, German Import service can order in and assemble your trailer.

Drop tail trailers can be used to transport motorcycles securely. Drop tail trailers are available in a variety of dimensions and styles, based on the brand and type of the motorcycle.

By Adam Kushner 13 May, 2013

The factory franchised dealership had an upper hand on independent car repair shops for many years. Equipped with diagnostic tools and repair manuals we could not access. In recent years things have changed and car owners have more choices for check engine light’s and advanced computer diagnostics. German Import Service has dealership level equipment and repair capabilities to resolve any issue your vehicle could experience.

When Paul Taber started German Import Service he saw value in aligning himself with industry leaders. BOSCH Service is just one example of this. Paul Taber now works directly with BOSCH Service as a Council Member. This partnership keeps German Import Service on the forefront of vehicle diagnostics & repair. Every vehicle gets the same attention and care at every service or repair visit.

This specialized approach to car repair makes German Import Service the choice for dealership level service. This is why our customers travel from Albany, Valdosta and Tallahassee for their car repair and service needs.

By Adam Kushner 27 Jan, 2013


We inspect your vehicle’s tires at every service visit and advise on proper rotation intervals to ensure long life.

By Adam Kushner 20 Jun, 2012

Summer is a popular time for a road trip on your BMW Motorcycle. Our Southern Georgia

roads offer an excellent ride with great scenery. If your travelling though the area and need unexpected service or repairs we are here to help.

German Import Service - Serving Thomasville, Georgia and the surrounding areas. We are also servicing Gainsville, Tallahassee, Pensacola, Panama City, Northern Tampa, Jacksonville, Orange Park, Ponte Vereda, St. Augustine, Orlando, and Daytona.

We have helped many customers passing through the area with prompt, professional service. We are the area’s premier BMW Motorcycle service center.

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